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Reading: The Buddha and the Badass Part 1 (Chapters 1, 2)

Gerry Crispin
Gerry Crispin FounderCXR Cohort Member, CXR Team Member, Author, FREE Community Member

Normally I avoid 'motivation books' since the underlying attitudes and values tend to be the same and only the names of the various constructs are different. Its just too much work learning a new language once you've settled on how you live your life.

That said, the Forward and first two chapters of Buddha and the Badass were well written, interesting and the context easy to follow without a lot of new words. I especially enjoy the conversation in Chapter 1 around the founder's 'Origin Story' and the details in Chapter 2 on how to combine mission and vision to calibrate an authentic statement about 'why' we do what we do as a business versus 'what' we do.

The author, Vishen Lakhiani, seems a little too hung up on his central role in defining business success despite his 'community' orientation for my taste but i do appreciate his attempt to get out of his shoes to accept how the role of others can 'influence'. It just seems he treats it as of less impact than it might really be.


  • Chris Hoyt
    Chris Hoyt President Administrator, CXR Team Member

    I'll be finishing Chapter 2 tonight.

    While I'm not sure how I feel about the "myth of hard work" that he goes on about, I do appreciate his focus on deliberate intention and being your own changemaker. I'm looking forward to seeing how he ties much of this to his concept of "bending reality" - and whether or not is more figurative than the intro and part one seems to have him implying.

    For me, the jury is still out on if he's gone from $0 to $40mm net worth in 10 years because of his methodology and practices or if it's because sometimes the "Tony Robbins" types just strike gold at the right time with the public.

  • Barb Ruess
    Barb Ruess VP Operations Administrator, CXR Team Member

    I tend to side with you Gerry and dismiss a lot of "motivation" or "self-help" books but there are some interesting thought exercises even in the beginning of this one. I'm curious... for all of us who are reading along. Of the seven traits listed in the intro, what three did you highlight as of special interest to you?

    I'll start: 4 (Inspiration on Demand); 6 (Flow & Ease) and 3 (Relationships)