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By far, the most outrageous recruitment job I've ever seen!

[Deleted User]
[Deleted User] Community ManagerEvry1 Milliner Status

Have yall seen this? Head of Recruiting Ops - I was going to apply, but I haven't finished my final thesis in Engineering and my Ruby skills are a little subpar. Not to mention my embarrassing 3.39 GPA. @gcrispin might be a better fit.



  • grant-clough
    grant-clough Talent Acquisition Leader | Annandale, VA, USACXR Alumni Community VIP

    Never lower your standards

  • Jessica Summerfield
    Jessica Summerfield TA Marketing Manager Advocate Aurora HealthCXR Cohort Member Community Ambassador

    I think my favorite part is that you don't need ANY experience in recruiting or HR. While I appreciate transferable skills and trying to think outside the box for filling roles, there are, you know, laws and stuff you need to know when recruiting. But then again, this is coming from someone with only a bachelor's in English, so what could I possibly know?