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Welcome Home to the CareerXroads (CXR) Online Community

Chris Hoyt
Chris Hoyt PresidentCareerXroadsAdministrator, CXR Team Member Community Vigilante

Welcome to the CXR Online Community! 

Here in the CXR Community, you can interact with other CareerXroads members to get help and share best practices. 

All posts and comments are monitored by CXR employees and community moderators to ensure that answers are accurate and interactions are helpful and appropriate. Moderators have the right to remove any discussion or post from the online Community that violates our Terms of Use. If you spot a conversation that appears to go against our guidelines, please flag it and a moderator will review the post and take action. 

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If you used to be a member but are not currently at a member company, you likely qualify for alumni level access to the CXR Community. This lets you interact with thousands of current and alumni members from around the world while gaining access to various research, publications, and events. To see if you qualify, contact us and include your LinkedIn profile URL and what company you were working at when you were a member. Our team will return your inquiry as soon as possible.

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From within your profile details, you can also change or remove your picture.

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Search the online CXR Community for topics, browse the categories for questions and posts, or click the tags to see collections. Once you get a feel for the online CXR Community, start asking and answering questions.

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