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SparcStart Introduces the Integrated Recruitment-Marketing Video Platform

CareerXroads Community ManagerCXR Team Member

New York, NY, May 16, 2022 --( With today’s release of the new video marketing capabilities, SparcStart [SparcStart - CXR Solutions Directory] leads the industry as the simple, secure and scalable platform to power employer branding and recruitment marketing video.

Increased automation and remote processes have disconnected candidates from the relationships that engage them in the recruiting process. Low application rates, ghosting and offer declines are a result of weak personal connections. “Candidates want to see and hear from the people they will be working with, and video is essential to effective recruiting,” says Maury Hanigan [@Maury Hanigan] CEO of SparcStart. Video can humanize the process and give candidates a sense of “knowing someone” at the company.

SparcStart revolutionized the text-only job description when it introduced Sparc, the automated system to record a hiring manager video, approve and embed it in the job postings on career sites and landing pages. Sparc won the Top HR Tech Product of the Year Award when it was introduced in 2014.

Due to clients’ desire to automate the creation and management of employer branding video, Amplify VMS was introduced in 2019 providing a scalable effort to record employee-generated content and build a video library for the entire candidate journey from attraction through onboarding. Due to its intuitive design and flexibility, Amplify VMS won the Top HR Tech Product of the Year in 2019.

SparcStart has now completed the suite with the addition of marketing templates that simplify creation of video-powered event announcements, showcases, profiles, and interchangeable content for career sites. Talent Acquisition teams now have the tools to deliver dynamic information that matches candidates’ behavior, devices and preference for informal video.

“The SparcStart platform is amazing in its ability to create targeted content quickly, professionally and consistent with any employer's branding and review requirements,” comments Mark Hornung [@mark-hornung], of employer brand consultancy MBrandSF. “It helps tell their story credibly and authentically.”

Recording a video is easy, but it is many steps away from becoming an effective marketing piece. The SparcStart platform reduces the 16 steps and 8 software packages needed for a manual process down to six steps and one platform. The built-in editing suite, automated approver panels, multi-level tagging system, analytics, social media sharing and templated marketing tools make the process fast and easy. “We ensure the maximum ROI on video assets so every video clip delivers results,” added Hanigan. “There is no point in having dozens of employee testimonial videos sitting dormant on a site that candidates have to click through to find.”

To learn more about the SparcStart platform and schedule a demo, visit

About SparcStart

Launched in 2014, SparcStart transforms the text-only job description into a marketing tool by inviting candidates to “meet your boss.” Featuring 20-second video clips of the hiring manager and two co-workers, Sparcs differentiate jobs and help candidates understand what is special about an opportunity. The platform’s unique capability to capture video without downloading an app was expanded to Amplify VMS so employers can create informal video for their DEI efforts, campus recruiting, EVP messaging, social media campaigns, onboarding and other recruitment marketing activities.

Source: SparcStart Introduces the Integrated Recruitment-Marketing Video Platform -