High-Volume Recruiting and the Forgotten Workforce

By Barb Ruess posted 05-31-2023 10:00 AM


With 79% of high-volume organizations recruiting more hourly workers this year than last, many talent acquisition leaders are seeking solutions to problems that have long plagued high-volume recruitment. These include lengthy time-to-fill, low quality of hire, and high turnover. 

Our friends at Aptitude Research aptly dubbed hourly employees “the forgotten workforce” in their recent High-Volume Hiring Guide. In TA, so many of our recruiting programs and processes were built with professional workers in mind. It’s important to look critically at the needs of this unique and in-demand workforce to see where we can improve. Here are some of Aptitude Research’s suggested strategies: 

Mobile-First Technology: 

Applying for a job at your organization should not necessarily require laptop or desktop computer access. First, not all hourly workers have easy access to a laptop. Second, if an hourly candidate can’t apply by phone, they may not apply at all. 


Aptitude Research found that providing feedback during the interview process is closely tied to improved quality of hire, first-year retention, and candidate experience. Additionally, 82% of hourly employees would like to receive feedback during the interview process. This could be as simple as sharing an overview of the interview phase or checking in at each step of the way.


With high drop-off for hourly workers, organizations must have a mechanism for checking in with their workers. Whether seeking feedback about the interview process or checking in on an employee’s first days on the job, these actions help employees feel heard and more loyal to the organization. 

Be sure to check out Aptitude’s full report here to learn more about the technology landscape for recruiting hourly workers and more. Then, join us on June 6th for CXR High-Volume Recruiting Meeting to connect with your peers, talk through challenges, and learn how other organizations are navigating the current market. 


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