The Case for Competency-Based Recruiting

By Barb Ruess posted 08-28-2023 09:00 AM


In the landscape of talent acquisition strategies, one approach has risen in recent years: competency-based recruiting, sometimes known as skills-based hiring. Behavioral-based recruiting has been the gold standard process for decades, but it may not be as predictive of job fit and success as we once thought. In this headline, we’ll explore both methods in more detail. 

Competency-Based Recruiting: Focused Precision

Competency-based recruiting is all about focused precision, centered on skills and expertise. It seeks candidates whose abilities align seamlessly with the role's demands, ensuring swift and impactful contributions. This approach goes beyond resume comparisons; it's about identifying candidates with the mastery necessary for success and, oftentimes, transferable skills for added benefit. 

Behavioral-Based Recruiting: Insights from Experience

Behavioral-based recruiting uses past behaviors to predict future performance. It examines candidates' actions and reactions in previous scenarios to gauge their suitability for a new role. While insightful, this approach can sometimes prioritize behavioral fit over immediate skill readiness.

Behavior-based recruiting may also negatively impact DEI initiatives. To be truly inclusive, organizations should prioritize ability and potential, rather than solely past experiences. 

Competency-Based Recruiting: A Clear Advantage

In the comparison between approaches, competency-based recruiting offers many benefits. It cuts through complexity and zeroes in on the essentials: proficiency and capability. Especially effective in skill-specific industries, this method identifies individuals ready to tackle challenges head-on.

As talent acquisition experts, adopting competency-based recruiting to our toolkits isn't just preferable – it's vital. By highlighting skills, competencies, and concrete abilities, we ensure a candidate pool ready to enhance organizational excellence.

Join us on August 30th for a CXR Workshop on competency-based recruiting with Maya Huber, CEO of TaTio. The workshop will be an excellent opportunity to learn some tactical skills to apply in today's job market.


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