The Power of Learning from Other Cultures: CXR Visits Ireland

By Barb Ruess posted 11-21-2023 09:00 AM


For over a decade, CXR has embarked on learning journeys across the globe. From the serene landscapes of Japan, to the vibrant streets of Cuba, and the rich history of Hungary, these trips have offered a unique blend of business exploration and cultural immersion. Last year, I had the privilege of joining the delegation on a trip to Israel and can speak firsthand about the tremendous value of these trips. 

These expeditions aren't just about understanding how different cultures manage employment processes; they're about engaging with global Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders firsthand, outside the confines of virtual meetings. The conversations over meals in Israel were eye-opening, providing perspectives impossible to glean from a screen. 

As Gerry Crispin leads another excursion this spring, the opportunity is open to TA leaders seeking a transformative experience. The upcoming trip is set in Ireland, and has been curated to offer a balance of professional interactions, learning, and cultural experiences. With an itinerary designed to facilitate discussions with local HR and talent management professionals in Dublin and Belfast, this trip will provide an opportunity to delve into the changing landscape of global business. We’ll explore how demographics, education, technology, culture, and politics impact organizational success. 

Participants will gain insights into Ireland's unique business practices, engaging with local professionals to understand their hiring, training, deployment, and retention approaches. The journey promises discussions in small group settings, providing unparalleled access to experts in the field. Connecting with professors, HR/TA specialists, and business connections in Dublin and Belfast, this educational venture offers a dynamic international perspective.

For those eager to broaden their horizons and experience a trip filled with learning and cultural discovery, we hope you’ll join Gerry and other TA leaders as we travel across the globe to Ireland. Reach out to me directly for more details. 




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