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By Barb Ruess posted 12-18-2023 12:10 PM


Our recent Executive Recruiting Community Meeting provided many key takeaways for the pursuit of top talent. As recruiters, we all know that executive recruitment remains competitive and requires constant innovation. 

One notable approach emphasized a tailored, “white glove” experience for candidates. This included personalized agendas, thoughtful gift boxes, exclusive tours, and reserved amenities, setting a tone of exclusivity while showcasing genuine investment in the candidate’s journey. 

A recurring theme shared by CXR’s Executive Recruiting members was the importance of displaying the authenticity of organizational culture throughout a candidate’s interview journey. Participants agreed on the pivotal role of a robust candidate experience that authentically mirrors the company’s values across all levels of recruitment. Whether it’s a manufacturing facility tour, a walk among corporate grounds, or time spent within an office environment, these experiences provide a more meaningful and connected interview experience. 

The meeting also underscored the significance of customized on-site and local experiences, especially at the executive level. Many companies went beyond standard practices, fostering engagement through immersive and tailored encounters. Some of this is managed in-house by TA teams, with other organizations opting to outsource tailored experiences (which can eliminate the potential for introducing bias in learning more about a candidate and their family). 

Additionally discussed at length was the growing shift towards virtual vs in-person interviews. While offering expanded candidate reach and expedited processes, virtual platforms present challenges in balancing personal connections with digital convenience.

We’ve barely scratched the surface with these key takeaways, so be sure to check out the full meeting here and stay tuned for our next Executive Recruiting meeting in 2024. 


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