The Art of Public Speaking

By Barb Ruess posted 01-17-2024 10:00 AM


Whether you're a seasoned TA professional or at the start of your recruiting career, honing your communication skills - particularly your public speaking skills - can open doors and create opportunities you might not have imagined. Effective communication and presentation skills are essential for those aspiring to propel their career forward. Employers value individuals who can articulate their thoughts clearly and concisely. Being able to present ideas persuasively can set you apart in job interviews, meetings, presentations, and more. 

In today's age of virtual communication, mastering online public speaking is equally important. Virtual presentations demand a different set of skills, from navigating digital platforms with ease to capturing and maintaining your audience's attention through a screen. Adapting your public speaking skills to virtual platforms isn’t just a necessity but a strategic advantage.

We can all benefit greatly from the ability to communicate persuasively and present information with impact. Whether conducting interviews, leading candidate assessments, or engaging with stakeholders, our capacity to convey information clearly and compellingly is pivotal.

Whether you’ve set a development goal for the year, or simply need to brush up on your public speaking skills, you’ll want to attend our upcoming CXR Lecture on January 25th. Guest Lecturer Michael Diederich will share practical tips for learning to present, ranging from powerful body language, speaking with passion, and how to connect with your audience. Learn more and register here for what’s sure to be a dynamic and impactful session. 

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