Helping to develop HR Management Standards

By Barb Ruess posted 30 days ago


We are excited to announce that our own Gerry Crispin has been accepted into the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) -  identified as TC-260 - to support the International Standards Organization's (ISO) growing focus on developing Human Resource Management (HRM) international standards.

“I've always been an advocate that for a trade to evolve as a profession its practitioners need to have basic standards (defended by data/science) that support its mission and those of its stakeholders,” notes Crispin. “I look forward to representing the CareerXroads Community in upcoming discussions and decisions.” 

Notable standards published since its inception focus on

  • vocabulary,
  • workforce planning,
  • diversity and inclusion,
  • human governance,
  • assessment service delivery,
  • employee engagement,
  • knowledge management systems,
  • internal and external human capital reporting, and
  • multiple human resource management metrics technical specifications.

Standards currently under development include, in part, workforce allocation, workforce data quality, recruitment, learning and development, compensation, and additional HR management metrics technical specifications.

This TAG Technical Committee formulates positions and proposals on behalf of the United States which address people and organizational management issues systematically and comprehensively. The U.S. TAG provides representation for the United States at international meetings and nominates U.S. experts to participate in the technical development of the standards.

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