Exploring AI in Hiring

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 04-19-2023 09:30 AM


As recruitment teams run leaner, an intriguing topic has begun to take center stage. Generative AI - and its role in recruiting and hiring - is the latest buzz. 

Now is the time for organizations to take a hard look at their recruiting processes and identify where they need to catch up on hiring goals, where inefficiencies exist, and where recruiters can be better utilized. As the pendulum always swings in hiring, a slower time, like the present, is precisely when we should experiment with AI. 

What can AI do in hiring? 


The layoffs in many industries have caused an influx of candidate applications for many roles. With machine learning algorithms, AI can sort through candidate applications quickly and efficiently, floating the top candidates to the top for further consideration. While this could save recruiters a ton of time - and headache - it's not an end-all, be-all solution. Unless safeguards are built in, AI has the potential to introduce bias into the screening process. 

Beyond simply screening resumes against a job description, AI can also analyze past hiring data to identify what makes a candidate successful in a particular role. 


Writing is often a significant component of a recruiter's day-to-day activities. Whether they're writing job descriptions, crafting social media posts, or drafting personalized notes to candidates, writing is omnipresent and takes considerable time. Generative AI can prepare all of these types of communications, and with careful prompting, the output is pretty convincing. 


With the rise of chatbots and virtual personal assistants, candidate communication is becoming more efficient and providing a more seamless candidate experience. While the human touch can never be replaced, chatbots can provide candidates with info about your company, what to expect in the job application process, new openings, and more. 
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With the job market shifting from a hiring boom to a cooling period, a new focus on efficiency and process improvement for recruiting teams has arisen. Overall, exploring the possibilities of AI in recruiting can provide organizations with a competitive advantage in the hiring process. 

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