Building Authentic Brand Stories

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 06-08-2023 10:00 AM


The topic of employee stories is coming up in a variety of conversations here in the CXR Community. Authentic stories work to enhance an employer brand and cultivate meaningful connections with customers and prospective talent. Gone are the days of generic testimonials and shallow claims; forward-thinking companies now seek to captivate their audience by conveying relatable and genuine experiences.

By embracing the art of storytelling, businesses can unlock a powerful tool to showcase their individual company culture. Employee narratives go beyond surface-level statements, providing insights into the values, inclusivity, and social responsibility an organization embraces. From recruiting efforts to internal communications, storytelling allows companies to convey their identity through the lens of their employees.

Companies across industries are embracing the storytelling trend, incorporating actual employees into their marketing campaigns and brand communications. This shift signifies a greater emphasis on the employee experience and demonstrates a commitment to fostering an engaging and fulfilling work environment.In a society driven by values of inclusion, social impact, and employee growth, storytelling holds immense potential for businesses. It allows them to showcase their commitment to these ideals and paint a vivid picture of what it means to work within their organization. Authentic employee stories go beyond the tactical execution of day-to-day operations; they embody the core values and purpose that drive a company forward.

How can your organization get started? 

On June 21st, we'll be joined by Jill Shabelman of Stories Inc. for a CXR Workshop on Better Employee Storytelling. Stories Inc. creates engaging recruitment marketing for employer branding & people communications to attract and engage top talent. Jill will teach us what process to follow to craft more effective employer brand stories. Learn more and register here.

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