The state of AI in 2023: Generative AI's breakout year (in Talent Acquisition?)

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 08-21-2023 09:28 AM


The latest McKinsey Global Survey unveils the rapid growth and adoption of generative AI (gen AI) tools across industries. Within just a year of their debut, one-third of survey respondents report to be using gen AI regularly in at least one business function. The report highlights a 40% increase in AI investment due to advances in gen AI, focusing on areas like marketing, sales, product development, and service operations. 

For the CareerXroads community, comprising hundreds of corporate and vendor companies and thousands of practitioners, and TA leaders at large, these insights are more than mere statistics: 

  1. Workforce Transformation: The expected disruption from gen AI is leading to anticipated workforce cuts and large reskilling efforts. The CareerXroads community is actively discussing these shifts online and at in-person events, strategizing ways to meet the evolving talent needs as well as hold tech, and each other, accountable. 
  2. AI High Performers: As organizations explore gen AI's potential, the CareerXroads community is keeping a close eye on high performers leading in adoption, learning from their strategies and successes as well as effective guardrails being put in place where automation impacts (or drives) hiring decisions.
  3. Ethical AI in Talent Acquisition: Beyond technological considerations, the community is working towards establishing baselines in ethical AI within the world of talent acquisition. The focus on mitigating risks, including inaccuracy, resonates with the community's commitment to responsible AI deployment.

Respondents across regions, industries, and seniority levels say they are already using generative AI tools.

Why the CareerXroads Community Should Care

The rise of gen AI is a transformative shift that will reshape the talent landscape and is already shaping regulations and guidelines from various levels of government around the world. The CareerXroads community's active engagement in discussions, online and in-person events, and ethical considerations places it at the forefront of this evolution. Understanding these dynamics will empower the community to strategically align strategies with the not-to-distant AI-driven TA landscape, ensuring responsible and effective utilization of AI within talent acquisition and selection. 

For an in-depth exploration of how gen AI is shaping industries, workforce dynamics, and the strategies employed by AI high performers, view the full article or download the report. And while the report itself does not focus on direct TA impacts, the insights within are directly relevant to the ongoing conversations and initiatives within the CareerXroads community happening already.


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