The Power of Professional Communities: CXR Australia

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 10-20-2023 02:47 AM


In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, one thing remains constant: the value of connections. True talent acquisition communities have taken on a more crucial role than ever before and have evolved into vibrant hubs of knowledge, connections, and growth. Joining and engaging in a professional community (like CareerXroads) is a game-changer for many TA teams with development tools including:

Knowledge Sharing: Professional communities are treasure troves of expertise. Connecting with peers opens doors to valuable insights, best practices, and industry trends. You can tap into a wealth of knowledge to transform your recruiting strategies.

Networking: Your professional network can be a lifeline in your career. It's a place to find mentors, partners, and talent. 

Personal Growth: Sharing experiences and learning from others is a key driver of personal and professional growth. A strong community can provide the support and motivation needed to stay at the top of your game.

Problem Solving: Faced with a tricky recruitment challenge? Your professional community can offer a fresh perspective or suggest solutions you may not have considered.

Collaboration: In a community, you can collaborate on projects, attend digital events, and partner with your peers in talent acquisition to elevate the industry. 

CXR: Community on a Global Scale

At CXR, we continue to connect TA professionals on a global scale. This is why we’re excited to announce our first-ever meeting in Australia. 🇦🇺 @Andy Mountney (He/Him) and our members at Atlassian want to share the Community with the region and @Brad Cook, a long-time member and global TA Leader, has recently moved back to Sydney. These two convinced us the time is right to gather together. 

Joining the CXR community when I first became a global VP TA was a game-changer in my career. I had a sounding board of hundreds of other seasoned TA leaders to draw knowledge from. It felt like finding a hidden treasure trove of knowledge and support. I've gained insights and made connections that have accelerated my career beyond doing it on my own and created some lifelong friendships along the way. Don't hesitate – dive into the CXR community, and you'll see the impact! ~Brad Cook, Global Head of TA

On November 29th at Atlassian's HQ in downtown Sydney, we're looking forward to a day filled with knowledge sharing, networking and true community. Interested in joining us? This free event is open to all TA leaders in the AU region - no membership required. Complete the application to attend here.


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