Exploring LinkedIn’s "Private" Profile Changes: Insights from the CXR Community

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 02-12-2024 04:45 PM


In a collaborative effort that underscores the power of partnership and collective insight, the CareerXroads (CXR) Community recently hosted a pivotal session to explore LinkedIn's impending strategic adjustments related to public profile access. I facilitated the conversations that saw an engaging turnout of around 60 members from both the corporate and solutions sectors consisting of both business leaders/owners and recruiting industry practitioners.

Contextual Shifts and Industry Reactions

The crux of the discussions revolved around LinkedIn’s intention to restrict access to public profile data, a move that could position it as a predominant provider of talent solutions. Professionals across various sectors have voiced concerns about this potential shift towards a more exclusive access model, which could hamper competition and limit the diversity of tools available for talent acquisition.

Corporate leaders in talent acquisition are reassessing their strategies in light of LinkedIn's changing service offerings and pricing models. There is a general apprehension about the possible escalation of costs associated with LinkedIn services, without a proportional increase in value. The dialogue emphasized the importance of collective efforts to address these concerns, suggesting outreach to LinkedIn representatives and consideration of alternative platforms as potential strategies.

Balancing Perspectives

The conversations also highlighted the diversity of viewpoints within the talent acquisition community. Some participants understood LinkedIn’s business decisions as efforts to safeguard user privacy and data. However, there remains a palpable level of frustration regarding the platform's market dominance and its implications for recruitment practices.

A notable point of discussion was the perceived limitations of LinkedIn’s Recruiter seats, with some expressing a preference for more effective third-party solutions that may now face challenges due to LinkedIn’s policy changes. This reflects a broader industry trend towards seeking platforms that offer greater user control and transparency over data usage.

Industry Dynamics and Future Directions

The CXR Community’s discussions painted a picture of the complex interactions between platform policies, professional needs, and the evolving recruitment industry. While recognizing LinkedIn’s influential role in the market, there was a clear call for a more collaborative approach to addressing the concerns raised by these strategic changes.

As the talent acquisition landscape continues to evolve, the CXR Community is committed to facilitating ongoing conversations and exploring collective actions. These efforts aim to ensure that the industry can adapt to and navigate the challenges posed by platform changes, emphasizing the need for innovation, competition, and user-centric practices in recruitment.

For CareerXroads members and meeting guests, detailed notes from the meeting are available for review and continued discussion. This community resource offers a comprehensive overview of the insights shared by industry experts and participants, providing perspectives on the potential impacts of the policy adjustment on the TA community.

Whether you’re seeking to understand the broader implications of these changes or looking for strategies to adapt, these notes can serve as a helpful reference and starting point. At a minimum, our recommendation is that customers of LinkedIn connect immediately with their account representatives and ask what the direct, or indirect, implications are of this potential change to their existing and future contracts.


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