Technology in Talent Acquisition: Tech's Impact and Future, Part II of IV

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 02-14-2024 05:26 PM


Welcome to the second installment of our four-part blog series on the nuances of technology and human interaction within talent acquisition (TA). The thought leadership behind this series comes from an engaging forum of approximately 50 talent acquisition leaders, seasoned practitioners, and recognized industry experts convened by CareerXroads. In this exploration, I'm joined by esteemed co-facilitators and members of the CXR Solutions community: @Elaine Orler (She/Her), SVP, Consulting at Cielo Talent, and @Eric Holwell, VP, Strategy at Appcast, Inc.

Currently, we're tackling the theme "Alternative Approaches and Examples" within the broader dialogue of 'tech vs touch,' a subject that has garnered significant attention in the evolving sphere of HR and TA technology over the last year.

Innovative Technology: Shaping the Future of Recruitment

The conversation around innovative technology solutions—such as programmatic job advertising, texting tools, and AI—highlights their significant impact on talent acquisition. These technologies not only extend candidate reach and speed up scheduling but also increase ad visibility and streamline tasks for recruiters. Paula Weiner, President & Founder of Weiner & Associates, insights highlight the value of AI in enhancing the recruitment process: "Recruiting senior-level employees [at many organizations] requires 360 referencing. AI can help gather employee information efficiently. [The] technology provides feedback on video meetings, testing AI and machine learning for candidate selection." This illustrates how AI can revolutionize the recruitment process by making it more efficient and data-driven.

Embracing Alternative Approaches for Enhanced Results

Alternative approaches, such as removing traditional phone interviews in favor of assessments and nurturing early talent relationships, highlight how flexibility and innovation can enhance efficiency and improve experiences for both candidates and hiring managers. @Mike Penny, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Operations at Avery Dennison, shares a compelling approach to attracting manufacturing talent: "To address efficiency challenges, the company removed the recruiter phone interview/screen and implemented assessment and screening tools to quickly identify top candidates. AI is also used to keep candidates engaged and address high-priority issues, balancing speed and efficiency with providing care and attention to stakeholders." This strategy exemplifies how alternative methods can streamline the recruitment process while maintaining a personal touch.

Navigating Technology Integration and Enhancing the Recruiter Experience

Despite the advancements in technology, challenges such as lack of integration and neglect of the recruiter experience pose significant hurdles. @Tom Chevalier, General Manager at Appcast, highlights the need for a more cohesive approach: "Conversational AI has improved the candidate experience, but current tools struggle when faced with unanswered questions, leading to a negative candidate experience." Chevalier followed up with his fellow panelists asking, "Is there a hybrid approach that involves human intervention?" This question, and the following dialogue, points to the necessity of finding a balance between technology and human insight, ensuring that the recruitment process remains both efficient and personal.

Conclusion: Balancing Efficiency with Human Touch

The key to navigating this evolving landscape lies in leveraging technology to enhance, rather than replace, the personal touch that is so crucial to successful recruitment. By addressing the current limitations and exploring integrated solutions that cater to both recruiters and candidates, organizations are learning that they can pave the way for a more inclusive, efficient, and effective future of talent acquisition.

Looking ahead, our next theme, "Envisioning the Ideal Future State," will focus on imagining the future of talent acquisition. Stay tuned for this discussion, as it will certainly provide valuable perspectives for talent acquisition professionals aiming to stay innovative in their field.


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