Introducing CommunityUP Focus

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 03-28-2024 10:00 AM


We’re excited to introduce the launch of CommunityUP Focus, the heart of our CommunityUP initiative at CareerXroads. This is where we spotlight the remarkable talent within our network of displaced and in-transition Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals.

Throughout the past year, we've engaged with these professionals monthly, witnessing their dedication and involvement in our community. From this pool of talent, we proudly feature individuals who embody the resilience, expertise, and collaborative spirit that define the TA industry's best.

With well over 200 applicants for this opportunity, approximately half were hand-selected by our team, so when you review the list, you know you’re meeting strong leaders that the CXR community supports. We invite you to explore their profiles and consider the value they can bring to your organization. By connecting with these individuals, you not only support our mission to uplift and empower TA professionals but also position your organization to benefit from their proven skills and innovative approaches.

Join us in celebrating the diversity and excellence of our TA community as we continue to foster connections and opportunities for growth. Together, let's shape a future where every talented professional finds their perfect role. Should you know of a TA leader in transition, we’d love for you to recommend them for CommunityUP membership.



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