Mitigating the Risk-Reward of Tech Innovation

By Gerry Crispin posted 08-25-2023 02:08 PM


Embracing generative AI capabilities has the potential of delivering incredible may also be a Pandora's box of unintended consequences and high costs. This first AI discrimination lawsuit noted in a recent SHRM article points out the direct costs negotiated by the EEOC but misses calculating the damage to the firm's brand that could be tenfold.

In this particular case, the EEOC alleged that iTutorGroup utilized AI software programmed to automatically reject female applicants over the age of 55 and male applicants over the age of 60. Whether a clerical error or a deliberate act of age discrimination, it will certainly have repercussions in the eyes of the public and future candidates. 

CXR has been working with talent acquisition practitioners and solutions providers to capture and curate how the industry is evolving its use of generative AI, how technology claims are independently verified, and, where possible, how we can 'collectively' raise our voice to influence our commitment to practices that mitigate the downside of new technology. Stay tuned. 


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