Remote Work Often Carries Additional Benefits For People With Disabilities

By CXR Team posted 01-23-2023 11:00 PM


It’s become clear that for many organizations, remote work is here to stay. (at least in some fashion) Not only does this option provide employees with more flexible work arrangements and the potential for better work/life balance, it also opens up new opportunities for people with disabilities to join the workforce.

The traditional office environment is often a major barrier for those with disabilities, both visible and invisible. In addition to physical obstacles, there are often many factors at play that can make it difficult for people with disabilities to join a traditional office setting. Remote work offers the chance to remove these barriers and make the workplace more accessible and inclusive for all. 

Research from the Economic Innovation Group shows that “people with disabilities in their prime working years, age 25 to 54, are 3.5 percentage points more likely to be employed in Q2 2022 than they were pre-pandemic.” While there are likely many factors at play, the rise of remote work cannot be discounted for this positive trend. For organizations working to improve diversity and recruit more underrepresented employees, leaders will do well to provide remote and hybrid work options. 

On a related note… here at CXR, we’re creating an exciting new learning series. Keep an eye out for Building an Inclusive Hiring Process for People from All Walks of Life, which will cover: 

  • How do you overcome personal biases?
  • How do you create an inclusive interview?
  • How to onboard and create a safe working space?
  • If I don’t hire the candidate, can I still help?

You’ll find that in our new Learning section.


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