Tips On Measuring Progress Towards Better DEI

By CXR Team posted 03-01-2023 05:26 PM


In the last several years, companies have increasingly prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. To truly create an impact with these initiatives, metrics must be identified and continually tracked. However, the process of identifying and defining key metrics that align with your goals is often easier said than done.

A recent article from Harvard Business Review outlines three actions to take when measuring the progress of your DEI initiatives. Let’s take a look:

Move beyond demographics – While accomplishing a demographic shift within your organization is often worth celebrating, it shouldn’t be your endpoint. The author suggests determining a larger set of outcomes that can include accountability infrastructure, career progression, social impact, and more.

Create a theory of change – “For each category you seek to measure, develop a working theory of change: a set of connected hypotheses for actions that will collectively move your organization from your current Point A to your intended (in this case, more diverse, equitable, and inclusive) Point B.”

Put your data to work – Metrics are an imperative tool for aligning leaders on current challenges. Once organizations have data collected, the next step is to disaggregate demographic and organizational factors. “Analyzing your data by these factors might, for example, reveal a gender disparity in turnover rate primarily related to experiences of junior-level employees with their managers.”

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