200+ Companies Join the US AI Safety Institute Consortium

By Chris Hoyt (he/him) posted 02-09-2024 11:49 AM


The recent formation and announcement this week of the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) by the Biden Administration is a monumental step towards ensuring the responsible evolution of artificial intelligence within the talent acquisition (TA) landscape. This collaborative venture brings together over 200 key players, including tech giants Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and pioneers in recruitment technology like Eightfold AI and Workday. Their mission? To foster AI innovations that enhance recruitment practices without compromising on safety or ethics.

This initiative aligns closely with CareerXroads' commitment to navigating the AI terrain within the recruitment industry. Recognizing the pivotal role of AI in transforming TA practices, CareerXroads has recently unveiled an RFI/RFP template designed to rigorously vet AI claims from potential vendors. This comprehensive template, released under a creative commons license in partnership with numerous TA technology companies like Appcast, Cielo, Paradox and others along with dozens of recruitment leaders worldwide, comprises over 20 questions aimed at ensuring the transparency and accountability of AI technologies in recruitment. Individuals or companies that download this free template can opt-in to be notified when updates are published.

The synergy between AISIC's goals and CareerXroads' efforts is evident. Both initiatives prioritize the ethical deployment of AI with the latter focused solely in recruitment, but both advocating for standards and practices that safeguard both innovation and integrity within the industry. Furthermore, the active participation of companies like Eightfold AI and Workday in the AISIC, alongside their engagement with CareerXroads' endeavors, underscores the mutual benefits of such collaborations. These efforts not only advance the field of TA technology but also reinforce the value of community membership and the collective wisdom sourced from forward-thinking leaders across both corporate and vendor spheres within CareerXroads.

This initiatives from policy-makers, industry giants, and specialized communities like CareerXroads paves the way for a future where AI's role in recruitment is both transformative and ethically grounded. It highlights the importance of joint efforts in shaping AI technologies that are not only innovative but also aligned with the best practices and ethical standards crucial for the recruitment industry's evolution. Participating companies stand to benefit immensely from this community-driven approach, gaining insights and guidance from CareerXroads' comprehensive RFI/RFP template and the collective expertise of its members, thereby ensuring a responsible and effective integration of AI in talent acquisition.

For more on the Biden-Harris Administration’s work to advance AI, and for opportunities to join the Federal AI workforce, visit If you or your organization is interested in becoming part of the effort led by CareerXroads on this front, contact us.  A full list of the companies who have joined the AISIC can be found here.

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