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By Gerry Crispin posted 09-12-2023 03:17 PM


I’m getting a kick out of Brian Fink’s weekly newsletter, The Talent Architects. Each of his posts are memorable for his take on how we need to step up at every level. Recruiting is an admirable profession and it's time more people owned it - and surrounded ourselves with others who do the same. The newsletter is entertaining and shares great perspectives:

  • Stop letting People Live in Your Head tells us we must form our own opinions rather than wander meekly through the morass of everyone else’s opinions.
  • We Need More Paying It Forward is an obvious reminder that we have responsibilities to one another.
  • Building Resilience is found through exercise on a path where Pain, Adaptability, Persistence and Purpose reside.

One way to surround yourself with recruiting professionals

After reading The Talent Architects, I hope you're inspired to take action. Earlier this year, the CXR Foundation launched a platform that's open to any recruiter or industry professional seeking advice and counsel about jobs, transition, careers or just about what life throws our way. The platform is called TA Talk Tank and it gives you an opportunity to learn about someone's career journey, ask questions about choices in your own journey, and share the advice you've learned along the way.

It is free. It doesn’t require more than one conversation. And if you care about recruiting as a profession - you should be both a mentor and a mentee.

This newsletter and this platform have some key things in common: They are for people who are passionate about what they do, compelled to improve, willing to share, and able to exercise their critical thinking skills to challenge themselves and others. Those elements are the foundation of our CXR Community and I encourage you to subscribe to Brian's newsletter and create a profile on TA Talk Tank to keep the conversations going.

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