More Hype Around AI Reminds Us All To Be Critical Thinkers

By CXR Team posted 12-29-2022 11:51 AM


The hype over ChatGPT (see the NY Times article) will likely take the interest and concerns over AI to a new level. IMHO concerns are a bit premature and with much more expectation than is warranted.

All the talk of AI reminds me of a Science Fiction short story from the early 60’s as computers were emerging everywhere. The story described the launch of the largest computer in the universe as literally the size of a moon, and, in fact, carved into a moon sized asteroid in the middle of the solar system. Picture a bevy of politicians (is that what a ‘group’ of politicians is called?) at the physical dashboard ceremoniously hefting a huge switch to the ‘ON’ position. Lots of lights, some humming as well as a few bells and whistles accompany the start of the computer that is connected to every other computer, machine and communication device throughout the known worlds.

Inevitably, one of the elders in attendance is tasked to ask the first question. He steps closer to the mike and asks, “Is there a God?”

A pregnant pause follows and out of seemingly nowhere a voice booms as an arc of lightning strikes the switch fusing it in the on position, “There is now!”

Hopefully that gives you a chuckle while also reminding all of us that many of the promises of AI have as many flaws as that story (at least in the short run).

Read the full article from the NY Times: A smarter robot, a new chatbot shows rapid advances in artificial intelligence


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